Saturday, April 28, 2012

Not very good at this blogging thing am I?

Wow. Almost 8 months since my first real post. Not very good at this blogging thing am I? In my defence, I've basically been just gaming when I could have been blogging, and which would you rather do?

Since I made that first post I've been playing Dust Tactics (great game - quick, easy, fun), Gears of War (great game - bloody hard with 4 of us, fun), City of Thieves (great game - family friendly, easy to play), some Axis and Allies war at sea and Angels 20 (love these games, need to find a better board than the paper maps though) and just recently we got DnD: Castle Ravenloft (fun game for us all, got hammered on the second mission though) as well. I've been playing my way through Red Dead Redemption and now Undead Nightmare, thoroughly enjoyed both with some reservations (I hate the video game gimmick of speeded up pseudo time) and then we discovered Xbox Live games were not as bad as I feared they might be. For the record, Dungeon Defenders might be one of the best video games for families with young boys that has ever been made, only complaint I have is even on my 40 inch tv it is hard to read the split screen!

I wanted to do reviews, but they've all been done to death, and I wanted to do blogs on my pet hates and loves to do with gaming and just haven't got around to it. Definite blog fail.

One thing that is getting me excited though is the upcoming Zombicide, which I have backed on Kickstarter. Really looking forward to this game and hopefully the delivery of it and all the extras I've earned will go without a hitch, if it does there's definitely going to be some brand loyalty coming out of this!

So many games, so little time!

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